At BigBrainBank, we believe that creating value is the key towards accelerated growth. We are NOT a Financial Intermediary. We do NOT manage investments, securities or fund transactions.

We are experts in education and empowerment of people who seek to harness professional knowledge of the world of financial and investments. We collaborate with strategic partners from around the world to create synergy for our customers. These are the key drivers that enable us to provide superior quality products and services that are foundational training to create wealth and financial freedom. In fact, this is the REAL INVESTMENT that everyone should put in – INVESTING IN SELF – that is the basis to success in life!
We match these with great customer service. We believe in personal touch and integrate our specialised solutions with on-ground training support and online resources for best results.



A word from the CEO


BigBrainBank was founded with the business idea:


Since we started we have built up collected expertise within currency pairs, commodities and stocks. We currently have more than 100 employees, and together with our clients we are growing organically and acquiring new businesses in the market. We offer personal and professional services, and prioritise availability to be at your service. It is important that you should always be able to reach us when you need to, wherever you are.



How we work


As a membership-driven education academy, BigBrainBank focuses on personalised support services. We are independent. We believe that our members who desire to trade or invest must first register their own account on their preferred trading platform and that is where all financial transactions will take place. There is absolutely no linkage to BigBrainBank as we focus on what we do best – empowering people.


Trading platforms have their own proprietary technologies and transactions are protected within the systems. No transactions can be deleted or altered as increased transaction security and reduced risk of manipulation in reputable trading platforms have greatly reduced the need for strict financial rules and outdated regulations. Members will benefit in the long run. This is the future of transparency, freedom and integrity within our borderless, global society.


Our Mission


We are committed to making financial technology accessible to everyone who needs. This is not an easy feat as it is a complicated process. It takes enormous collaboration and requires an incredible breadth of hard work, knowledge and expertise to turn this astonishing idea into motion and results.

BigBrainBank is built on the following founding philosophies together with our strategic partners who share our common goals, ideas, passion and perspective.



We educate members with practical financial knowledge and skills, latest market trends and critical investment concepts.



Our education system incorporates professional modules with both ground and online learning, training, mentorship and guidance that are led by experts.



We create a pool of financially-astute and well-educated clients who come from various geo-political economies and who are ready to tap into a global pool of opportunities from Financial Service Providers.



BigBrainBank is driven by digitalisation and technological supremacy that reaches out to the global community.




Our vision is to build a large global member-based financial platform focusing on financial technology, knowledge-building and business networking that will last a lifetime.


We are the ultimate catalyst that drives success through superior financial literacy, education and technology advantage.


We are the strategic growth partner of choice.


We deliver results and long-term sustainability through proven methodologies and integrated financial empowerment systems.




We strive to be the best in what we do, and to continuously improve to provide enhanced products and services to help our customers maximise their potential, drive productivity and create financial freedom.


We harness the optimum mix of resources, knowhow and technologies to grow and sustain our powerful offline-online education platform. We believe that happy customers and happy partners-in-growth will create even better results for all.


We build our business based on a strong business model that will evolve to meet changing market needs and technology trends. We are focused in our areas of specialisation while identify new possibilities to reinforce our competitiveness and market strength.





At the helm of our team are industry experts who are passionate about what they do. Their diversified expertise, industry experience and extensive exposure are the mainstream of our foundational strength. We value people across the entire value chain of our business.

Together we deliver the following traits in everything we do.






Our Corporate Authorized Representatives (CARS)

CK (Malaysia)

CK | Malaysia

GT (Malaysia)

GT | Malaysia

Victory (Malaysia)

Victory | Malaysia

Revival (Malaysia)

Revival | Malaysia

Sensation (Malaysia)

Sensation | Malaysia

RL (Malaysia)

RL | Malaysia

AT (Malaysia)

AT | Malaysia

JK (Malaysia)

JK | Malaysia

Synergy (singapore)

Synergy | Singapore

Jupiter (Australia)

Jupiter | Australia

MSA (Singapore)

MSA | Singapore

GLC (china)

GLC | China


TREX | Taiwan

CTP (thailand)

CTP | Thailand


Our Collaboration Partner




At the core of our business professionalism, BigBrainBank recognises that we share a strong responsibility to our customers and everyone that we deal with to provide products and services at the highest ethical standards.


We assure our members and customers that we have their interests in mind and will serve to uphold all interests in compliance with local and international laws.


We communicate our values and beliefs to all key stakeholders to bridge and reinforce long term relationships with customers, strategic partners and all others who are linked to BigBrainBank in one way or the other.


We drive our relationships in accordance to the principles of being open, honest and fair dealings at all times. This is part of BigBrainBank’s corporate culture and we drive this by being open and transparent with our stakeholders.


We will always seek to improve our products, processes and training in everything we do. The better we become, the better we can serve our customers.




For BigBrainBank to thrive, our customers-members must first thrive. We believe that every customer is important and at the core of our customer commitment, we try our best to anticipate members’ needs to create:

  • superior experiences
  • superior products and,
  • superior results

BigBrainBank’s financial technology platform serves members from all over the world. We are dedicated to providing unbiased fintech trading and investment concepts and strategies exclusively to members. Our scope of professional education services encompasses a wide variety of markets including S & P 500 Stocks, forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies or any relevant asset classes in the future.


Membership benefits

  • Priority privilege to join BigBrainBank’s training programmes worldwide
  • Exclusive membership ticket reservations at subsidised prices for BigBrainBank’s core events, corporate dinners and other activities.
  • Members’ only training, mentoring, advice and support as well as priority invitation to industry investment opportunities
  • Periodic updates to professional financial information, especially on selected Currency Pairs
  • Members-only option to connect trading accounts to Expert Advisory and Professional Signal Systems