Invest in the US stock market and participate in the world’s hottest stock market which includes NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ which covers the world’s hottest companies listed in American stock exchanges and provide transparency, opportunity and top monitored indices with fair trading grounds, strong regulation and independent market base.


Track records indicate that the US stock market is the capital market of the world. It offers the highest trading volume across various financial exchanges with the most consistent and highest returns in the world. BigBrainBank provides professional market insight and other commentaries to members for the US capital markets which include:


New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world’s largest stock exchange by market capitalization of over 8,000 of the top listed companies in the world.


NASDAQ Stock Market (NASDAQ) showcases US’ largest electronic screen-based equity securities trading market. It is also the world’s fourth largest capitalization by market.


NYSE Amex Equities (AMEX) offers a huge US market base that lists and trades small and micro-cap companies.


Other key markets are also covered.